29 May Where are we building SorbWeb Plus Containments right now?

While the world slowly opens up we are still working harder then ever to bring the best service to our clients. Of course we are remaining very cautious to protect the safety of our employees and those we come in contact with, but we wanted to share some of our current projects.

We just finished building more Sorbweb Plus Containments in Pennsylvania and are on site in Connecticut, with more upcoming jobs in BC and Ontario.


SorbWeb Plus Containment System

Here are some progress shots of the containment we are building this week in Connecticut.



SorbWeb Plus Containment System


Here are some onsite photos our Tech took from a recent SorbWeb Plus containment installation in Alberta:

  1. This photo shows the sand layer added to the floor of the containment, with the non-woven geotextile along the perimeter.
  2. SAM, our permeable reactive barrier with it’s high affinity for hydrocarbons, is being installed in this photo.
  3. Fire quenching stone was added to complete the containment in this photo.


Stay safe Everyone!


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