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Since its launch February 3, 2014, we, at Albarrie Canada Ltd., continue on the path to raise awareness for our Fair Trade program. As we head into mid-year, our focus remains to keep you informed. Much of our success and knowledge can be attributed to the AEC’s on-going tariff protection updates, and the results of their efforts should be recognized.

It is no surprise that sustaining a successful program of this magnitude, comes at a high expense. The AEC is all too familiar with the costly legal fees required to defend and uphold current import tariffs as a response to the unfair trade practices conducted by foreign nations. Collaboratively, they invest and raise an annual 1.2 million dollars per year. It is because of this annual financial contribution, that the industry rescued and retained profits of approximately

$180 million/year for extruders, and $40 million/year for billet manufacturers.

In addition to the recovered profits, they estimate that at least 600 million lbs. worth of extruded aluminum business has been returned to North American extruders since the launch of their Fair Trade initiative, and tariff implementation, which is equivalent to 35 presses (8”), working at full capacity. This recaptured business has led to an astounding tens of thousands of North American jobs that have been protected.

With the rescued extrusion business back in the hands of our customers, the need for Albarrie’s Defender™ performance fabrics such as Kevlar® pads, extrusion rollers, and PBO roller sleeves, has increased. With prudent in-house manufacturing, and domestic raw material sourcing, we can maintain competitive prices. It’s a winning situation for everyone!

Regardless of at which end of the spectrum you sit, we are all connected and ultimately, affected by the success of the domestic aluminum extrusion industry. Maintaining profits and job security should be everyone’s number one priority. The message shouldn’t stop at just you! It is important for all employees to understand what Fair Trade is, and how it can be supported.

Stay Informed. Fair Trade, It Matters!

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