The SorbWeb Secondary Oil Containment System Installation Process

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24 Jun The SorbWeb Secondary Oil Containment System Installation Process

The SorbWeb Secondary Oil Containment System Installation Process

Albarrie is a North American company with a passion for delivering products that aid in the protection of our environment. Albarrie’s innovative SorbWeb Plus Secondary Oil Containment system is designed to significantly reduce the environmental and economic consequences of an oil spill.

The revolutionary multi-layer system of various geosynthetics and interlocking polymer filled geotextiles allows for the free flow of water but transforms into a rubber seal when exposed to hydrocarbons ensuring their containment.

Installing a SorbWeb Plus Secondary Containment System

A typical earthen berm containment pit is first excavated to a specific depth based on design requirements that can differ from project to project.

Once the containment is excavated, the base layer of sand is spread across the containment floor area, creating a level bedding surface for the system.

Impermeable liner is then placed around the containment perimeter, as well as the transformer pad using strapping and anchors to properly secure it and hold it in place.


SorbWeb Plus Smart Fabric Technology

Next, Smart Fabric or “Oilmat” is laid out across the bottom of the containment area and secured to the impermeable liner using a specialized sealant adhesive.


The excess impermeable liner both around the transformer pad and the containment perimeter is now lowered on top of the “Smart Fabric”’ and sealed using the same sealant adhesive. Once this step is completed, the containment is now bonded and ready to accept the remaining layers.


Special geotextile “SAM”, also known as the absorbent layer, is now installed throughout the containment area. SAM is a unique geotextile loaded with a proprietary blend of polymer. It has an exceptional absorption capability per square inch and it serves to extend service life of the containment by protecting the oilmat from small accidental leaks. SAM can be removed and replaced if required.


A two-inch layer of sand which will act as a cooling and filtration layer is then placed on top of the SAM geotextile, spread across the containment floor area and levelled.

Non-woven is laid out and will act as a separation layer followed by the woven geotextile which is used to move liquid laterally throughout the containment.

The system is then filled with fire quenching stone which limits and prevents the spread of fire.


Finally the containment is topped and leveled off with substation cover stone to the designated design height.

SorbWeb Plus: A Maintenance-Free Secondary Containment System

Unlike the conventional concrete containment, which requires a pumping system to dismiss accumulated water along with an oil water separator, the SorbWeb Plus system is virtually maintenance-free.

The system and its layers are designed to allow water to move freely through its “Smart Barrier” without accumulating and pass all the way through the system and back into the native ground.

In the event of a catastrophic failure which could lead to an oil spill, the SorbWeb Plus System and its SAM layer absorb the spilled oil, while the oilmat congeals and seals the containment, preventing any oil from passing through.

Albarrie’s SorbWeb Plus with SAM, a truly remarkable leap forward in the proactive containment of hydrocarbons.

Learn More About the Innovative SorbWeb Plus Secondary Containment Solution

To learn more about SorbWeb Plus and upgrade to the most innovative secondary containment system, watch the video below or request more information today.


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