Secondary Spill Containment: The Innovative Solution

12 Jun Secondary Spill Containment: The Innovative Solution


There are a number of North American guidelines and agencies that work to prevent, prepare for and respond to oil spills. For facilities that store large quantities of petroleum products, being compliant means having a plan in place to contain a spill.

With these regulations, there has been an increased need for practical, effective Secondary Oil Spill Containment and Oil Leak Management systems. As public and government pressures increase so do the costs for environmental protection and remediation when a spill occurs. Current industrial alternatives remain cost prohibitive or fail to provide adequate protection — until now.

SorbWeb™Plus: The innovative solution for secondary oil containment

SorbWeb™Plus technology from Albarrie enables

efficient management of oil spill risk — with lower capital outlays and a near perfect elimination of maintenance costs.

The SorbWeb™ Plus secondary oil containment system is an effective and reliable passive oil leak and spill management system that provides continuous protection against oil spills and leaks associated with transformers, capacitors, storage tank facilities and other oil-filled equipment.

When the system is not subjected to hydrocarbons, it allows water to move freely through its “Smart Barrier” and pass through without accumulating. But when hydrocarbons come in contact with the “Smart Fabric,” it undergoes a chemical reaction that causes it to congeal and seal, preventing hydrocarbons from escaping the containment area.

State of the art design

SorbWeb™Plus is a gravity-based subterranean secondary oil spill containment system that surrounds oil-filled equipment with geosynthetic materials. The system effectively traps oil from catastrophic oil spills and leaks.

Engineered for success, the SorbWeb™Plus system includes a layer of smart oil-absorbing fabric that seals on contact with hydrocarbons, a synthetic impermeable liner, and absorbent or adsorbent filter layer.

SorbWeb™Plus Testing

To ensure the highest level of performances, the SorbWeb™Plus solution has undergone various types of testing in cooperation with other utilities:

  • Extensive lab testing
  • Performance testing in a test pit
  • Effectiveness of the system in the presence of an oil spill
  • Independent lab analysis of test pit soil after spill
  • Driveability capabilities
  • Oil burn testing
  • Performance under severe weather

The benefits of SorbWeb™Plus secondary oil containment

Besides the peace of mind it provides with 24/7 protection and low maintenance costs, companies choose SorbWeb™Plus for its unique benefits:

  • Engineered secondary oil spill containment system using engineering best practices
  • Unique flexible design to fit equipment arrangement
  • Minimum site intrusion and disturbance required for installation
  • Passive secondary oil containment and leak management system
  • No mechanical parts or electrical control systems required
  • Can be installed in new or retrofit applications
  • Perimeter can be concrete or an earthen berm
  • Endless possibilities

Ready to learn more about the SorbWeb™Plus secondary oil spill containment system?

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