27 Jan Q-Max HF High Efficiency Hydrocarbon Filter




Q-MAX HF - Hydrocarbon stop valve


Hydrocarbon spills are difficult to contain, prevent and clean up. There is only a small window of time before a small leak can become a big problem. A look into the secondary oil containment market revealed the popular approach of using “oil plugs/filters” to assist in dismissing accumulated rainwater or snow-melt from standard concrete containments, the trouble is many of these cannot handle heavy flows or are not capable of discharging the accumulated water in an effective time frame sometimes requiring many hours or several plugs to do the job. Add to these issues the requirement for pre-filters and maintaining those clean and free of debris. When was the last time your maintenance personnel did this? Luckily, Q-MAX HF does all the reacting for you! Once installed, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the highest protection available with the least amount of maintenance.

Q-MAX HF is a high efficiency hydrocarbon filter, with a reactive “needle punched fiber” core. This unique design provides 360° of filtration surface area and gives Q-MAX the highest flow rates in the industry coupled with a longer filter life.

This innovative device has dual functionality and it not only traps hydrocarbons on contact while allowing water to continuously flow through but if there is a high enough concentration of hydrocarbons present the filter acts as an automatic shut off system stopping the flow completely.

Albarrie GeoComposites uses only the highest quality components in every one of our products and the Q-MAX HF is no exception! The inner core of the system is packed with our coveted highly reactive polymer, guaranteeing the ultimate protection against hydrocarbon leaks.

The real genius behind Q-MAX HF is it’s free-flow abilities. Water can easily pass through the core without disrupting its effectiveness when subjected to hydrocarbons.

Shown in the diagram above, the inner core absorbs and traps the oil, while a clean layer of white polymer remains completely unaffected! This is due to its extraordinary absorption capabilities, ensuring that no oil ever gets through.

For more information, please visit the official Q-MAX HF page, or contact us at 1-844-SORBWEB (7672932) or info@sorbwebplus.com




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