Product Spotlight: Fullback Rollers for High Heat Applications

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05 May Product Spotlight: Fullback Rollers for High Heat Applications

Aluminum extruders across the globe all face the same challenges;

  1. How to reduce scrap and maximize productivity,
  2. How to extend the life of their maintenance parts to keep costs low.

Here at Albarrie, we’ve been providing premium heat felts to the aluminum extrusion industry for over 35 years. We understand the challenges that have plagued extruders for years- marked aluminum profiles going to scrap. We’ve worked with the extrusion industry to perfect conveyance parts utilizing high temperature fabrics that address these unique issues while providing top-of-the-line performance.

Over 25 years ago, we had a breakthrough in research and development. We knew that clients were going through traditional roller covers at the exit of their aluminum press much faster than the remainder of their run-out table.

We also knew that traditional graphite rollers were causing imperfections in aluminum profiles due to the impact on lead-out tables, leaving maintenance managers and plant managers searching for a better option.

Meet the Fullback Kevlar® Roller

Kevlar® is a unique fabric material used in high heat applications. Extruders are no stranger to using Kevlar® Roller Covers on their lead-out tables, run-out tables and quench tanks.

Albarrie’s Fullback Kevlar® Rollers take the high heat durability of Kevlar® to a new level. Fullback Rollers are more than just a roller cover; they are a complete roller system using compressed Kevlar® custom fabricated for your unique application.

Fullback rollers can be designed in both convex and concave shapes, to provide superior protection for aluminum profiles. Fullback rollers offer unsurpassed durability, solving the long-standing challenge of reducing aluminum scrap and reducing the time between replacements.

Fullback Rollers versus Roller Covers

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Roller Covers have been the traditional choice for the aluminum extrusion industry for many years. They’re available in a wide range of fiber compositions and can be used at various stages of the extrusion process. Roller Covers are a great choice versus graphite and can be very effective for handling light weight profiles.

However, when handling heavy weight profiles or in water quench systems the lifespan of traditional roller covers can be reduced dramatically.  In these situations, the Fullback compressed roller design can extend service life up to 10 times when compared to conventional roller covers, resulting in less changeouts and less machine downtime.

Extruders who are swapping out roller covers every six months or sooner will find greater value in Fullback Rollers because they allow presses to keep moving much longer between maintenance periods.

Industries & Customization

While the main focus of our Defender™ Heat Felts has always been the Aluminum Extrusion industry, we have found that several other industries can benefit from these products. Industries like glass manufacturing, glass tempering, metal coil processing and woodworking also require conveyance of surface critical parts at high temperature.

At Albarrie, we have the unique ability to customize our entire lineup of Defender™ Heat Felts. For Fullback Rollers our customizations include

  • Change the profile to be concave or tapered
  • Develop rollers with edge guides, fixed shafts, or internal bearings
  •  Alter the metal components for wet or dry use.

Learn more about our customization capabilities.

The Future of Extrusion

Albarrie has had the privilege of working with extruders across North America for more than 35 years to help them solve some of their biggest production challenges. Using technical textiles, like Kevlar® and Nomex®, we’ve helped save millions of dollars in scrap, and thousands of hours of lost productivity.

We love a good challenge. At Albarrie, our research and development team is dedicated to solving some industries’ biggest challenges using technical textiles.

So whether it be maintenance, performance or sustainability, we are up for the challenge!

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Want to learn more about or Defender™ Heat Felts and how they can improve the performance of your aluminum extrusion conveying system? Visit our Defender™ webpage or contact an Aluminum extrusion specialist to schedule a call.

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