Albarrie - Filtration Fabrics Made with P84 ®
Since 1983, we’ve worked closely with major corporations across numerous industries to develop innovative, customized, high quality fabrics. Our products and services keep dust and particulates out of the air, enable the most demanding manufacturing processes, significantly reduce the impact of oil spills and more.
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11 Jun NEW Pages – Albarrie’s Filtration Fabrics Made with P84® Fibers


Albarrie produces high grade filtration fabrics using P84 Polyimide Fibers by Evonik

Albarrie has designed four new webpages dedicated to educate key players in the filtration industry about P84®, the world’s highest grade of Polyimide. Learn more about Evonik’s unique trilobal fiber, P84® and its proven effectiveness within the industrial filtration industry.

You can read about the fibers origin, advantages, fiber characteristics, material specifications, the applications it best serves, Albarrie’s Filtration Fabrics made with P84 ®, watch an educational video, review brochures, and case studies. Click on any of the below links to get started:

Innovation in Fiber Technology

Advantages of P84®

Video – High Efficiency Filtration Filter Bags

High Temperature Filtration - P84 Video

Fiber Characteristics

Material Specifications


Albarrie’s Filtration Fabrics made with P84®

Resources (Brochures, Flyers, & Case Studies)


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