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03 Jun Boating season is just around the corner!

Will you be building a boat this summer?  Albarrie’s lightweight Kevlar® is ideal for building canoes, kayaks, and inflatable boats.

Lightweight Kevlar® felts are used in the manufacturing of many of today’s popular brands of canoes and kayaks.  Inflatable boats are used for recreational purposes, but they are also used worldwide by military, navy and coast guard forces.

Learn why you should incorporate Albarrie’s lightweight Kevlar® felt in your boat building project: GO TO ALBARRIE’S SPORTING GOODS PAGE

“Modern canoe materials like Kevlar and carbon fibre and new variations of cloth fibres and resins are lightweight, tough, low-maintenance and without question are a voyageur’s dream to carry through the woods.”  – Keith MacAllister

The above quote was retrieved from an online article from Toronto Star Newspapers:


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