All about Esterweb & June Updates!

EsterWeb Secondary Containment by Albarrie

02 Jul All about Esterweb & June Updates!

What’s New?

 Completed A Substation in Pennsylvania

Albarrie SorbWeb Containment

A complete SorbWeb Plus Secondary Containment completed in PA and topped with fire quenching stones.

Jobs All Across Canada Right Now

SAM layer of SorbWeb Plus System installed

Our techs are all in the field right now at various jobs all across Canada. This is a shot of a current job in Ontario.

Incase you missed it…


Our webinar from June 2 on the SorbWeb Plus Containment System is now up on YouTube!

Watch it here!



  • EsterWebTM is the perfect passive oil containment system for ester-based oils like Environtemp FR3 or BIOTEMP.
  • They are derived from vegetable oil, and can be hard to contain with polymer solidification systems.


  • The solidification time for ester-based oil is not as quick as mineral oil
  • The typical oil absorbing technology does not work as effectively – the polymer doesn’t have efficient time to congeal
  • EsterWebTM accounts for the slow coagulation of these oils, ensuring full containment and free from maintenance


  • Easy expand, repair and clean up should a leak or spill occur
  • EsterWebTM has 24/7 spill and leak protection
  • The polymer blends are non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and can be burned as fuel was consumed
  • Does not require any power to perform its task


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