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28 Mar Albarrie Machine Spotlight: DILO


At Albarrie Canada we have a variety of machines that have helped bring us to the forefront of the technical textile industry. One of those machines is the Rontex DILO machine.

The DILO is an apparatus which continuously produces needled, non-woven tubing by using a unique spiral needling production technique that ensures consistency and uniformity.

Albarrie uses this technology to produce seamless felt tubes that are produced in-house. The Roller Covers produced are primarily used in the aluminum and glass industry and are ideal for protecting sensitive or surface critical products from dents, scratches, and markings caused by roller handling systems.

We can produce roller sleeves using a variety of different materials, capable of handling heat ranges from 300°F to 1020°F. Our available fabrics include 100% PBO, PBO/Kevlar® blend, 100% Kevlar®, 100% Nomex®, as well as Polyester.
If you are interested in learning more about our roller covers and how Albarrie’s DILO can save you time and money, please get in contact with one of our APC sales associates for more info.

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