Albarrie celebrates National Mining week!

Gold Mine

13 May Albarrie celebrates National Mining week!

For more than 30 years Albarrie has been supporting the global mining industry with our extensive line-up of customizable technical textiles.

As experts in particulate filtration, Albarrie’s fabric solutions can be used in and around many varieties of mines including Lime, Gypsum, Zinc, Gold, Copper, Precious Metals, and Kaolin.

While Albarrie specializes in particulate filtration, our wide range of technical textiles help mining companies meet their environmental compliance regulations in a variety of applications.

Our in-house research and development team, paired with our unique fabric process and capabilities, result in our ability to develop customized non-woven fabrics that both:

  1. Save mining organizations money with quality materials that last,
  2. Increase productivity by reducing time spent on maintenance application.


Albarrie’s deep rooted partnership with mining organizations means that we’ve developed solutions for a wide variety of applications across the mining site, including;

Lime shift kilns Mills Hydrators Mixers/Dryers
Quarrying Excavation Sites Hammer mills Rock crushing
Ball mills Mill conveyor transfer points Coal mining dust processing Bin venting/quarry storage
Dehydration Storage/injection Furnace extraction Kettle/Calciner


Have a unique mining challenge you’re looking to solve? Need to meet your environment compliance regulations?

Want to save time and money on your filtration media or other maintenance replacement parts?

Contact us today!

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