You could have a significant amount of filter bags in your dust collector system without any knowledge of their condition, performance level or life expectancy.

Just by sending us your used filter bags, we use our extensive lab equipment and our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough analysis of your used filter bags. These technicians will tell you why your fabric bags may be failing or are about to fail, the level of service life remaining, recommend an alternative fabric to extend the life of your filter bags, and improve overall filtration performance.

Albarrie’s lab testing program can develop a catalogue of filter bag history, including filtration upsets, along with past and present performance data. This will allow you to have a comprehensive knowledge of the current condition of your filter bags and identifies areas that require immediate attention.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Determining life expectancy and degree of fabric deterioration of your filter bags.
  • Suggesting causes of fabric failure; whether thermal, chemical, or mechanical.
  • Providing particle size analysis of dust and chemistry in your dust collector.
  • Determining operating condition and environment in your dust collector.
  • Identifying problem compartments/areas in your baghouse.
  • Avoiding imminent catastrophic failure.
  • Minimizing maintenance.
  • Minimizing downtime.
  • Ensuring the best filter fabric and treatments are being employed for your specific application.
  • Recommending fabric options, trials or system design improvements that could extend life and improve performance.

Our goal is to present reliable technical data that assures continuous emission compliance, avoids premature bag failure, extends bag life, reduces liability concerns and provides the predictability necessary for proper asset management.